Kegel Smart by Intimina

Review of KegelSmart by Intimina

KEGELSMART by Intimina: video review of KegelSmart by Intimina. Why and how to use it.

Benefits of Kegel Exercises
Kegel exercises are becoming very popular, because they help to keep the pelvic floor muscles strong before, during and after pregnancy. Up to two-thirds of women during or after pregnancy, have to face urinary stress incontinence. Kegel exercises prevent or limit this situation, and may even reduce the risk of anal incontinence.

There is an extensive availability of peer-reviewed research, outlining the benefits of Kegel exercises. According to the Mayo Clinic, Kegel exercises can help you prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems, including stress incontinence (leakage a few drops of urine while sneezing, laughing or coughing), urinary incontinence (strong, sudden urge to urinate just before losing a large amount of urine) and fecal incontinence. Quoting the American Pregnancy Association: “Pregnant women who perform Kegel exercises often find they have an easier birth. Strengthening these muscles during pregnancy can help you develop the ability to control your muscles during labor and delivery. Toning these muscles will also minimize two common problems during pregnancy: decreased bladder control and hemorrhoids“.

Benefits of Kegel Smart by Intimina
Of course, it is necessary to have a regular Kegel routine, and not just to exercise from time to time. That’s where KegelSmart by Intimina comes really handy. It is adaptable to each woman’s own pelvic floor strength, easy to use, comfortable, trendy, affordable and easy to clean.

Other Kegel Exercise Devices
Some other Kegel Exercise Devices include:
– FPT Kegel Exerciser: well-designed and practical, however it does not adapt to the specific needs of each woman
– Elvie, Skea and kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer are good at monitoring progress and adapting accordingly, but are necessarily providing the best comfort of use
– Kegelmaster, one of the pioneers in this field, but that may have not kept pace with innovations in usability and design