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Several Kegel Exercise Devices are available on the market, and it would be unfeasible to cover them all. Deciding which one is the best female Kegel Exercise Device is a very subjective choice, we are sharing ours here.

Some popular Kegel Exercise Devices include:
FPT Kegel Exerciser: well-designed and practical, however it does not adapt to the specific needs of each woman
Elvie, Skea and kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer are good at monitoring progress and adapting accordingly, but are necessarily providing the best comfort of use
Kegelmaster, one of the pioneers in this field, but that may have not kept pace with innovations in usability and design

In our experience, the best Kegel Exercise Device is KegelSmart by Intimina. Developed with the support of a medical advisory board, including gynecologists and pelvic health experts, it is effective in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, confortable to use, innovative in its design, and adaptable to a woman’s specific situation, as it evolves from day to day.